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Images of Lewis

Lewis is a fairly flat island with many magnificent sandy beaches, a jagged coastline and a landscape that is worth investigating by detouring down all the small roads you find.  Most visitors come to see the Callanish Stones, but it is also a good area for fishing, cycling, walking and bird watching.

Callanish Standing Stones

The Callanish Standing Stones are found on a ridge beside the rural community of Callanish, about 25 miles west of Stornoway. 

The tall, thin, almost sharp stones are a formidable sight overlooking the wild moorland of the Isle of Lewis. There is an awesome feeling of power that seems to fill the air around the stones, producing an extraordinary atmosphere that makes the hours fly by whatever the weather.


Stornoway is the main port on the Island, due to its sheltered location, with the ferry to Ullapool a regular visitor.  The sheltered harbour is the reason for Stornoway's existence and was named by the visiting Vikings "Steering Bay" which, when phonetically translated, became the name Stornoway.  


Near Achmore is a vast flat plain looking towards the mountainous South Lewis. This area is rich with peat bogs and lochs.


Beach Grass at Uig

To the West of Lewis you can reach some spectacular beaches - the magnificent Uig sands are well known.  It was here that the Lewis Chessmen were found in 1831.  Here the wind has blown the grass around to create delicate patterns in the sand.


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