islandtapestry by Bill Crookston
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Images of Benbecula

Benbecula is the main stepping-stone between North and South Uist.  The main road north leaves Benbecula on a causeway which touches the little island of Grimsay, before sweeping over another causeway into North Uist. Grimsay is a delightful little island with a perimeter road that begs to be explored.

Peter's Port 1

The eastern two thirds of Benbecula are a jumble of fresh water lochs, moorland, bog and deeply indenting sea lochs. You can get a feel for it by taking the B897 to Peter's Port: less a port than an isolated pier.

Peter's Port

Wildlife is plentiful on the rocks near the pier.  The Grey Heron has a large heronry here at Peter's Port.


Peter's Port

The descendants of the last inhabitants still fish the waters for lobster from the tiny pier at St. Peter's Port.


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