Diaporama AV Group
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Diaporama AV Group

Is a unique club, which usually meets on the second Monday of each month at 7.30pm.

The meetings are held in the  Carrick Centre (Houston Old School), Houston Renfrewshire, Scotland.

New members are always welcome.

What is a Diaporama?

It is the medium of Audio Visual Presentations, using projection techniques by either digital projector or 2 slide projectors and a synchronised sound track to complete the effect.  It is much more than images to music!

What does our name mean?

The word Diaporama evolved from two other words - Diapositive (French for a colour slide / transparency film) and Diorama (a word that describes a wide overall view) and it is now widely accepted as the proper description for presentations of this type.

Who are the members of Diaporama?

The group was formed nearly 30 years ago in the mid 1980's by a number of amateur photographers from the Renfrewshire / Inverclyde area, who pooled their knowledge and expertise, to make and perform tape-slide presentations around the country.

What equipment is required?

The main requirements for a Diaporama show is a digital projector system and a sound system.  The projection and sound are controlled so that they work together and never leave the screen blank between images. 

The control signal comes from a laptop computer or the sound system, which sychronises the projector.

A typical Diaporama sequence can last about 5 - 12 minutes and can contain 100+ images.

What more can I read or view?